Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Pickwick Papers Read-Along

I am looking forward to taking part in this Read-Along of the Pickwick Papers to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the publication of the first instalment of Charles Dickens' novel.  You can find out more about this on the Behold the Stblog.

I first read The Pickwick Papers when I was at university but that was so long ago I can't remember much about the book!   Over the past few years I have been attending a weekly book group entitled "Lunch with Dickens" dedicated to reading 19th century novels.  We start each new year with a Dickens novel, reading them in manageable sections.  It will be interesting to read The Pickwick Papers again having read more Dickens' novels and understanding more about Victorian times in general.

Here is a photo of my original Penguin copy published in 1972.

This is the reading schedule which should be manageable!

IMarch 2016 (chapters 1–2)
IIApril 2016 (chapters 3–5)
IIIMay 2016 (chapters 6–8)
IVJune 2016 (chapters 9-11)

VJuly 2016 (chapters 12–14)
VIAugust 2016 (chapters 15–17)
VIISeptember 2016 (chapters 18–20)
VIIIOctober 2016 (chapters 21–23)
IXNovember 2016 (chapters 24–26)
December 2016 (chapters 27–29)
XIJanuary 2017 (chapters 30–32)
XIIFebruary 2017 (chapters 33–34)
XIII – March 2017 (chapters 35–37)
XIV – April 2017 (chapters 38–40)
XV – June 2017 (chapters 41–43)
XVI – July 2017 (chapters 44–46)
XVII – August 2017 (chapters 47-49)
XVIII – September 2017 (chapters 50–52)
XIX – October 2017 (chapters 53–55)
XX - November 2017 (chapters 56–57)

N.B. There's no Pickwick Papers for May 2017: in May 1837 Charles Dickens missed a deadline as he was in mourning for his sister-in-law Mary Hogarth.


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