Classics read 2009-2015

When the Shetland Library set up a new book group in 2009 entitled "Lunch with Dickens" I was keen to join as I seemed to have missed out on reading the classics and felt I needed the support of a group to keep me going.  The title of the group is a little misleading as we read lots of other authors besides Dickens although we always start the new year with a Dickens novel.  Over the years we have read a range of Victorian authors including some less well-known ones.  We restrict our reading to the Victorian period although sometimes we read a book outwith this period if we feel the book will help our understanding of other books eg Robinson Crusoe which is mentioned a great deal in the Moonstone.

Each book is divided into manageable sections which we then discuss at our weekly meetings. This is a great way to read long books and the support of the group helps when you are struggling with a book. 

These are the books I have read with the group since I joined the group in 2009.

Austen, Jane - Northanger Abbey
Austen, Jane - Mansfield Park
Braddon, M,E - Lady Audley's Secret
Bronte, Charlotte - Villette
Bronte, Anne - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Bunyan, John - Pilgrims's Progress (part 1)
Clouston, J Storer - The Lunatic at Large
Collins, Wilkie - The Moonstone
Collins, Wilkie - No Name
Collins, Wilkie - The Law and the Lady
Collins, Wilkie - The Two Destinies
De Foe, Daniel - Robinson Crusoe
Dickens, Charles - Great Expectations
Dickens, Charles - Nicholas Nickleby
Dickens, Charles - Our Mutual Friend
Dickens, Charles - The Tale of Two Cities
Dickens, Charles - Martin Chuzzlewit
Dickens, Charles - David Copperfield
Dickens, Charles - Bleak House
Dickens, Charles - Mrs Lirriper
Doyle, Arthur Conon - The Valley of Fear
Du Maurier, George - Trilby
Eliot, George - Middlemarch
Eliot, George - Felix Holt
Eliot, George - Scenes of Clerical Life
Forrester, Andrew - The Female Detective
Gaskell, Elizabeth - Cranford
Grossmith, George - Diary of a Nobody
Haggard, H Ryder - King Solomon's Mines
Haggard, H Ryder - She
Hardy, Thomas - Far from the Madding Crowd
Hardy, Thomas - The Woodlanders
Hardy, Thomas - The Mayor of Casterbridge
Hogg, James - Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Hughes, Thomas - Tom Brown's Schooldays
Kipling, Rudyard - Kim
Kipling, Rudyard - Plain Tales from the Hills
Moore, George - Esther Waters
Oliphant, Margaret - Miss Marjoribanks
Oliphant, Margaret - Hester
Scott, Walter - Heart of Midlothian
Scott, Walter - The Pirate
Stevenson, Robert Louis - Kidnapped
Stevenson, Robert Louis - The Master of Ballantrae
Stevenson, Robert Louis - Treasure Island
Thackery, William - Vanity Fair
Thackery, William - Barry Lyndon
Trollope, Anthony - Barchester Towers
Trollope, Anthony - The Way We Live Now
Trollope, Anthony - Rachel Ray
Trollope, Anthony - Lady Anna
Trollope, Fanny - The Widow Barnaby
Trollope, Fanny - Domestic Manners of the Americans
Wells, H,G - War of the Worlds
Wood, Ellen - East Lynne

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